Holy Cow, Macau!

No, I never saw any cow when I came to visit Macau four years ago. Neither do I think that there’s a holy cow anywhere – I just want some rhyme for a title.

Like Hong Kong, Macau is one of China’s special administrative regions. Formerly a Portuguese Colony, it is the first and last European colony in China. Depending mostly on gambling, it is also known as the Far East’s Las Vegas; and it is said that it earns more money than Las Vegas. A lot of these casinos are elaborately designed and still there are more being constructed when I was there.

Being on the top 100 Greatest Trips of Travel and Leisure it is expected that many tourists have and will come to visit. Even if you are not into gambling, still there are plenty of sights to see. Among them are the Ruins of St. Paul, the Senado Square and the famous Macau Tower just to name a few. So, truly, Macau is a place to be.

GRU_0724GRU_0756 GRU_0738

The famous Ruins of St. Paul Cathedral; built in 1602 and destroyed by fire in 1835. Only the southern stone façade remains today.GRU_0058GRU_0529GRU_0076

Macau Tower at night.

Governor Nobre de Carvalho Bridge, also known as Macau-Taipa Bridge; the first bridge in Macau that connects the peninsula and Taipa.GRU_0794

The Senado Square or Senate Square which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site “Historic Centre of Macau”.

Being under the Portuguese government for centuries, many Catholic Churches can be found in Macau.

Walking the streets of Macau…


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