Verona: More Than Romeo & Juliet.

The Casa di Guilleta or Juliet’s House is probably one of the most visited places in Verona. Thanks to Shakespeare, I think most tourists come to Verona to see this place. It’s a 14TH century house at Via Capello that … Continue reading

The Verona Cathedral.

The Verona Cathedral was built in 1117 after two Palaeo-Christian churches were destroyed by an earthquake on the same site. The cathedral’s plan has remained unchanged even after the structures were later modified by several renovations. Famously known in Italian … Continue reading

A Ride on the “More Fun” Bandwagon.

I love my beautiful country, the Philippines. In fact, one of the reasons I put up this blog is to share to the world the finest things that the Philippines are abundant of: natural resources, diverse culture and friendly people … Continue reading