Macau: The Grand Venetian.

I would consider the Venetian-Macao hotel and casino resort is one of the grandest places I’ve seen. Modeled after its sister casino resort – The Venetian in Las Vegas – it is the largest single structure hotel building in Asia, The sixth-largest building in the world by area and the largest casino in the world. Just looking at it from the outside, I can easily tell how the whole building was intricately designed.GRU_1194GRU_1186GRU_1191GRU_1188GRU_1189GRU_1190

When I entered the building I was awed by the extravagance that I was seeing as I walked along the lobby. It’s admirable that every inch in the building were meticulously done.GRU_1149


A panoramic shot of the lobby leading down to the casinos.Venetia_Panorama1
The weather was kind of humid when I visited Macau; the skies were gray and gloomy, and there’s no visible clouds – which is really bad if you are there to take photos. So I was really amazed when I was finally inside at the shopping center of the Venetian – painted clouds filled the ceilings and it’s properly lighted; which got me thinking… so this is where they are, no wonder it’s all gray outside.

But what fascinated me most was the recreations of the Venice Grand Canal wherein tourists can enjoy a gondola ride (of course, for a price) as the gondolier serenade them with an opera piece. So, even by just walking around one would feel that he/she is walking along the streets of Venezia, Italia. Ciao.

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