Agapanthus: Lily Of The Nile.

I was simply fascinated by this, it was such a gem to find this lovely flower during one of my trips to Sagada, Mt. Province. Scientifically called as Agapanthus, it is also known as Lily of the Nile or Queen of the Nile. It’s the first time I have seen this kind of flower, so I was really awestruck by it.

21 thoughts on “Agapanthus: Lily Of The Nile.

  1. These grow all over Los Angeles, the last place I called home for about 15 years. So easy to grow, and actually, there exist in many different forms and colors. Glad to have found you!

  2. I love agapanthus too. They are so architectural, I think. Just wanted to comment that I stumbled across your blog because of the awesome name of it, and the beautiful pictures.. to find out you’re from my home! I grew up in Kalinga and Nueva Vizcaya and Greenhills Manila! :o) I’ve got friends in Sagada! I was born in Australia and live back in Australia now. The Philippines will always be where my heart sings. :o)
    Love from Rach

    • hello! thanks for the compliment. wow, you grew up here… that’s really wonderful to know. though there’s no hint of being a filipino in your features, i wonder what your story is. 🙂 i’m so happy to know you love the philippines – beautiful, isn’t it? i love sagada. thanks for visiting my blog… and i hope you’ll get to come here again! 🙂

      • I follow your blog. :o) I did as soon as I saw your photos! :o) Where abouts in the Phils do you live now? Your English is perfect, by the way. My Tagalog is very imperfect!!! haha Love from Rach

      • aww… thanks for following, that’s very nice of you. i was born, raised and living in Rizal province – i’m not sure your familiar with the place (somewhere in laguna bay. :D) though it’s almost a part of metro manila. when was the last time you were here?

      • I went to Laguna once and it was one of the most beautiful places I ever saw in the Phils. Is Rizal near Laguna? Sorry, I can’t remember my geography lessons very well! 🙂
        Last time I went to the Phils was sadly way back in 2001. I helped organise a reunion for all the “kids” who had grown up on the expat center in Nueva Vizcaya. Since then, the center has closed, so I can’t visit it anymore. I also got to go out to Tabuk in Kalinga, that visit, and of course Manila. Stayed with some Pinoy firends in Paranique for a while too. As soon as I get off the airplane at the international airport there and the humidity hits me, I am back home and I feel like I never want to leave again. 🙂 I have some AWESOME memories about the Phils. Unfortunately I haven’t written about the awesome memories in my blog here. But I hope to get around to some soon! 🙂
        The thing I remember most about Sagada was how cold it was there, and the beautiful blankets they wove, and the Sagada pears. 😉 Home sweet home. ❤
        What do you do there in Rizal? Do you work? Study? Do you travel overseas ever?
        Love from your new friend Rach 🙂

      • Rizal and Laguna are just beside each other. but since both of them are huge provinces, there are two different routes to reach them – to go to rizal you take the manila east highway and laguna by the south-bound highway (where you’ll pass by paranaque.) i giving you this infos in case you’ll come and visit the philippines again… hahaha. i’m so happy to know you have lots of wonderful memories of the phils, and i hope you’re still in touch with your filipino friends. 😉
        i’ve been working for almost twenty years in advertising agencies – i’m an artist. i got so fed up with the industry of advertising, so, right now i am unemployed! but no worries, i can afford to be one… i am single and will remain. 😀
        i love to travel – locally and overseas. i’ve never been to australia, but i’ve got some friends there – and now you’re an addition. 🙂 where in australia are you?

      • You won’t believe it, but what I do more than anything else is art and writing. 🙂 You and I have some things in common!
        I remember on our drive to Rizal, we passed some beautiful old Spanish houses. I loved those and still remember some of them.
        Let me know if you ever come to Australia! 🙂 I live down south-east in Melbourne, Victoria.
        If you ever go to North America, take lots of photos of squirrels for your blog! 🙂 I’ve never seen a squirrel in real life and I Love them!! 🙂 Your photos are awesome, so you’d do fantastic squirrel pics!
        My mom and I have been talking about going back for a trip to the Phils. Wouldn’t be this year. Maybe after that some time? I’ve got adopted family over there, and some wonderful friends. I miss the green guavas SO mUCh! And starapples and guyubano and Magnolia Ube icecream and Magnolia orange twin popsies and pandasals and REAL rice and monsonita berries and chicken adobo and camote tops… sigh… I’m making myself HUNGRY!!! I better go eat.. 🙂 hehehe (and salamagis/sampalogs!!!)
        Have you ever been to Kalinga?
        Love from Rach

      • That’s nice. so, are you working? i’ve never seen an squirrel too. your memories of the philippines are really wonderful, especially the food – i think you’re referring to samalamig and sampaloc! 🙂 i’ve never been to kalinga – you went there too? i envy you! 🙂

      • I just do voluntary work lang. I work for a women’s art community as an artist and volunteer, and also for a mental health service, helping clients create their own magazine there. It all keeps me busy. 🙂
        Yes, I lived in Kalinga from when I was about three to six, and then kept close contact with the people from that village ever since also. My family was adopted into a clan there, and we still have Lots of family there! It is where my heart sings. 🙂
        What I Really miss eating from the Philppines is Buko Salad!! 😉 Masarap!! There are some Asian grocery stores around here, so we can buy some sticky rice, but not much like we knew in the Phils (my favourite was from San Jose- white sticky rice wrapped and cooked in banana leaves), and we can buy Haw Flakes and Ligos mackerel and coco jam and coconut drinks in cans. My daughter LOVES coconut drinks!! 🙂 And she is obsessed with eating as many mangoes as she can get. 🙂
        Ahhh, it’s fun to reminisce. 🙂 It’s so good to have found you and your beautiful Blog of home.. 🙂
        Love from Rach

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