The Day I Conquered A Tower.

Bungee jumping has been on my to-do list ever since I thought about the said list. I never actually wrote down the list; I just know the things that I want to do. So I decided that Macau be the first place that I will and have traveled outside the Philippines, because if going to bungee jump, I should jump from the highest. And I did. 17th September 2008, 338 meters high… I conquered Macau Tower.

At the view deck of the tower.GRU_0254

Fearless jumpers.


I would be lying if I say that I never felt any nervousness before I plummeted in the air.  Just the glass-elevator ride going up the view deck of the tower is enough to shake one’s knees. Yes, fear is relevant – actually, that is what you need to conquer for you to finally take the plunge and experience that, more or less, ten seconds free-fall. A lot of people have asked me how did it feel during that seconds of free fall; it’s hard to put into words what I felt but I can clearly recall the thought that I had as I scream: m@*#f***er, those people who jumped off a building to commit suicide are so damn brave.

DSC_0004DSC_0006DSC_0011 DSC_0018DSC_0020DSC_00021Given the chance that I find myself visiting Macau for the second time, I’m sure I would excitedly jump again. Here’s a link to the video:

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