Beware: Slug Moth Caterpillar.

I had been a victim of this slug caterpillar for several times now. The last time I got stung, the mark left by the bruise it caused in my left arm is visible up to now. Its’ sting is really, really painfully itchy. They usually stay under the leaf and since they’re also green in color, one would hardly notice them. Looking at it closely, it’s no wonder why it easily stung me. Aside from the hair-like spikes all around its side, there are also lines of spike on it’s back. Even its’ snout which is most of the time hidden, have spikes.

This Stinging Slug Moth Caterpillar or Isa Textula belongs to the moth family of Limacodidae. Also referred to as Crowned Slug Moth and Skiff Moth.


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