Travel Theme: Mountains.

I love mountains… I love seeing them and climbing them (although I haven’t done any climbing lately.) And I got really excited when I opened my email this morning and learned what is Ailsa’s travel theme this week. So here … Continue reading

A Majestic Ride Through The Mountains.

A trip to Sagada wouldn’t be the same without taking the route via Banaue and going back by the route to Baguio, or vice versa. It’s the best road-trip I’ve ever had so far – zigzagging along the uncountable mountains, … Continue reading

Sagada: The Arduous Long Walk To Bomod-ok Falls.

I love Sagada. I’ve been there three times and only during this third that I had the chance to explore some of the nicest spots there is. And I know there’s still more I have yet to see, so a … Continue reading

Sweat It Out In Sagada.

Famously known for their hanging coffins (an old traditional way of burying the dead,) Sagada is located in Mountain Province, Philippines – ergo, it is a town of numerous mountains consisting of 19 barangays. Nestled in the remote 275 km. … Continue reading

A Ride on the “More Fun” Bandwagon.

I love my beautiful country, the Philippines. In fact, one of the reasons I put up this blog is to share to the world the finest things that the Philippines are abundant of: natural resources, diverse culture and friendly people … Continue reading