Finally… The Sun.

Today, after several days of non-stop monsoon rain – which intensified last Monday night and brought a drowning floods to a lot of area in Luzon particularly Metro Manila – it’s such a relief and a delight when the blue sky along with the shadows of everything became visible.

So, as it set… I kissed the sun goodbye and hope that tomorrow he would again return.

10 thoughts on “Finally… The Sun.

  1. Hello from Canada! We have had almost drought like conditions here & blazing hot temps with high humidity!!! I am so sorry to read of the monsoons in your country…it seems the entire planet is out of balance: too much rain in the Eastern hemisphere & not enough in the Western hemisphere. I pray the Sun returns to you soon!! It is raining here now & is supposed to rain for the next few days…I hope so & your lovely country can have the Sun for a while!!!

    • hi! thank you for your thoughts… yes, the whole world is out of balance – which is partly caused by us, humans. fortunately, the sun is shining so clearly today. i guess the monsoon had totally subsided. enjoy the rain, it’s fun when there’s not too much… thanks again!

    • thanks! yes, let’s hope it will continue to do so… or if it rains, just a teeny bit. 🙂 i hope you and your family were not affected by the monsoon… have a wonderful day and thanks for the follow! 🙂

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