Made Most Delighted By A Moth.

Yesterday as I delight to the shining sun and the terribly missed blue sky, I spotted another spots. But this time it’s a moth and it’s the first time I’ve seen such kind. She wouldn’t keep still at first, so I thought I wont be able to have a good shot. But luckily, after a while, she was so cooperative. She is really very lovely so I keep referring to her as “she.”

After checking my references and searching through the Internet, I gathered that it is a forester kind. I’m still searching for it’s specific name as I’m writing this… I just can’t keep hold of my delight so I’m posting it now.

13 thoughts on “Made Most Delighted By A Moth.

  1. As usual, I love your close-ups of her dear little face, giving us a glimpse into her little moth soul. Thank you so much. I’m glad you love and pay attention to the little things. I do too. I know where the green lynx spider and the large green grasshoppers live in my rose geranium plant on my patio. Nature is so beautiful and awesomely intelligent.

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