The Skin They Lived In.

Amazing to imagine how insects change and leave their skins whole with those little detailed parts intact. How did they come out of their old skin without ripping it? It’s simply unfathomable to think how much amount of deformity they need to undergo just to shed their old skin.  This process is called Ecdysis and the remnants of the old, empty exoskeleton are called Exuviae.

A Grasshopper changing, (from previous post.)

Northern Grass Pyrgomorph or Atractomorpha Similis.

Spittlebug or Froghopper.

The exoskeleton or exuvia of a Cicada.


13 thoughts on “The Skin They Lived In.

  1. Great captures! When I was a kid,I had some fascinations over grasshoppers. The place we lived in before had plenty of grasses and plants nearby and seeing them seemed to be trivial to me. Now, i kind of missed this creatures.

  2. This is an example of modern-day resurrection. Just amazing! 🙂 I love how beautifully *bright* green the insects are when they come out of their old skin. My mind boggles at how they can do this, too. I look in awe. 🙂
    Once again, Brilliant photos!! 😀
    Love from Rach.

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