It Pays To Be Patient…Really.

What made me noticed this young man was he was fishing without a rod, just a hook and string. I was taking a walk along the seafront of Kota Kinabalu deciding where to have lunch when I saw him throwing and pulling something from the waters. Having found a shaded area, I stopped and watched him. I don’t know how long he’d been standing and sitting and fixing his bait and throwing it back again but I think I watched him for over an hour.

GRU_0677GRU_00681 GRU_0682Until he finally pulled the string one more time and at the end of it is a wiggling fish of an average size. GRU_0686 GRU_0687 GRU_0688And that was one happy face I saw… he was beaming with pride when he showed me what he got.   GRU_0690Such patience, and I’m glad to have witnessed it.

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