Government Warning: Cigarette Smoking Kills.

Last week the lawmakers in the Philippines approved House Bill 5727, commonly known as the sin tax bill. The bill will put an increase of taxes for cigarettes and alcohol, which means that the prices of those products will be higher and more people will hopefully stop smoking. I am so against smoking and that’s why I’m delighted for the passing of this bill. I simply don’t understand why people enjoy something so much even if it’s very harmful to their health.

This was the one time that I enjoyed smoking, it was a couple of years ago; a dear friend was doing a brochure on how to stop smoking and she needed one or two images of a cigarette with a smoke – I was happy to obliged.

I love how the smoke formed an image of a man in this shot; like it’s saying that if you keep on smoking, you too would end up in smoke…

And while going over and editing these photos, I just noticed this now: at the upper right corner of this picture, the smoke formed an image of a skull – (can you see it? Or, is it just me?) This just proves that in every smoke that you inhale and exhale, death is always there.

16 thoughts on “Government Warning: Cigarette Smoking Kills.

  1. Ugh! I HATE cigarettes! They are dirty, they are SOOOO Stinky, they are COSTLY$, and there is not one good thing about them! I do believe they should be in a category of “DRUG USE”, they are addictive, they are lethal and the only thing they do for a person is destroy the body they will soon be dragging around one day (very soon). It’s sad that cigarette smokers do not see what a cigarette does to themselves and what is worse is they do not seem to care! Cigarettes… Just repulsive. The government will NEVER get rid of them, it’s too much of a money maker! 😦

      • I want to emphasize that alcohol abuse and car driving…both car and alcohol stimulated by media marketing is a tragic scene…also lack of food and love and respect…I don’t drive car, I don’t consume alcohol nor tabaco…I am also ex-tabagist…however this contemporary scene is tragic…one child dies in each 6 seconds for lack of food…thank you. Walter

  2. Hello, I am a nursing student and would like permission to use one of these photos for a visual aid I am designing to use in educating pregnant women on the dangers of smoking to their babies. May I please have permission to use one of these photos in my visual aid?

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