Travel Theme: Walls.

While walking around Kota Kinabalu during my trip, I saw this family taking refuge from the heat of the sun in the slight shade provided by the blue wall.wall_3

Again in Kota Kinabalu, payphones (I’m not sure if they are working) are mounted in this peach wall.wall_2

A panel of the Filipino Heroes Memorial wall at Corregidor Island, Philippines. The whole wall depicts the heroic battle fought by the Filipinos from 15th century up to the present.wall_1

4 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Walls.

  1. Great suff. Surprising what people will make buildings out of in developing countries. Found a wall in Granada, Nicaragua that was an Egyptian scene…out of nowhere…whole city of Spanish architecture, some kind of world architectural treasure list of cities, and here’s a piece of stone holding up a wooden window frame.

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