Mushrooms: A Wonderful World Of Fungi.

When I learned that mushrooms falls under the classification of fungus, I was awed… that’s just so unthinkable. What a fungus implies are bacteria, molds, yeast or anything that’s really icky. Though there are some mushrooms that have an icky quality, most of them are bewitchingly lovely and some are such a delight to eat. Even the poisonous ones are a sight to see.

Mushroom is also referred to as “toadstool” – there are many analogies and explanations that go back centuries ago regarding why is it referred to as such. One reason that I amusingly regard as true is that because folklore and fairy tale books often illustrate toads or frogs sitting on top of a mushroom with its’ tongue stuck out catching a fly. And oftentimes too, dwarfs or gnomes were also depicted with a mushroom; they’re either under it, beside it or on top of it. I remember when I was little, every time my playmates and me saw a mushroom we would say – oh, there’s a dwarf’s house.

I believe there are plenty of stories that have been told and still to be told about these lovely fungi… they are so magical, so mysterious… a spring of wonderment.

26 thoughts on “Mushrooms: A Wonderful World Of Fungi.

  1. Wow! These are so gorgeous! Did you find these all in one area, or are these a collection from different places? I can’t believe the myriad of shapes and colors. The large one that’s third from the top looks so whimsical and lovely!!

  2. Beautiful photos and so informative. Thanks for visiting my author page. Did you manage to ID my fungi? No-one has been able to so far and I would love to know what it is. I have other photos if you want to see them. Have a great week.

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