Let Me Take You Down To Strawberry Farm.

I love strawberries – they are one of my favorite fruits. I ate them with salt; I dip them a bit in a salt before devouring each one of them whole. Yummy. And so when I get to the Strawberry Farm it felt like heaven and made me wish we had a garden of strawberries in our backyard. Strawberry Farm is located in La Trinidad, Baguio, a few kilometers from the city. One activity you can do here is picking your own strawberries, but I think you’ll have to pay twice the actual price for the strawberries you picked.

I’ve learned that strawberries are the only fruit that got its’ seeds outside – that’s according to Fruit Ninja trivia. And then I thought of cashew… 🙂

24 thoughts on “Let Me Take You Down To Strawberry Farm.

    • hi rach! i just finished reading you’re blog in all it’s entirety… i’ve been meaning to email you, but i’m not sure you received the one i sent you (in reply to one of your comments here.) you are extraordinary and admirable! that’s not a compliment, it’s my opinion. 😉

      • wow, I was wondering who was reading it so much from the Phils LOL!!! 🙂 Im amazed you read it all!!!!! I’m amazed anyone is reading it, actually! lol not sure I got your email either, in reply to one of your comments. I often wonder if any of our others have been involved when I miss things like that. lol Can never know. We’ve been enjoying your blog tons!! It makes us feel homesick for all the great things there. Esp the food! 🙂 We ought to try and scan some old photos from our time there, and put them on our blog. Would bring it to life more. 🙂 I’ve never scanned photos before. gota learn how, i think! lol Thanks so much for your dedication at reading through our Whole blog!!!!! It’s quite amazing!! I love how we meet people in the blog world and see such a private slice of each others’ lives, and go away richer for having “met”.

      • i’m so glad ALL OF YOU enjoy my blog! 🙂 too bad you missed my email though, anyway it was just a reply regarding your comment about buko salad, sticky rice, haw flakes etc. and how i admire people doing voluntary works. i just thought we could correspond better through email – i got so curious at how you grew up here in the Phils and then… i got to read your blog… and now i’m waiting for your book to be published! 🙂

      • if you want to try email again, our email is rachmt74@yahoo.com.au We’re looking forward to getting to know you better too!!! 🙂 You intrigue us with your perfect English. 😉 And you make us long for home with your beautiful photos!!

      • ok, great! will try that again. don’t be so impressed with my English, once we speak in person i will most likely stutter. 😀 i’m not fluent speaking it, unless i’m irritated or fuming mad. hahaha!

  1. beautiful pics..must say.
    got remembered of the day when almost 3 years back i visited a lychee garden. i still cherish the day,literally!!
    cant forget the feel..yum huge lychees all over..wherever you look around!!

  2. Whee guinea pigs love stawberries and your pictures have made us hungry! If you like strawberries you may be interested to google pineberries. A cross between a pineapple and a stawberry. Our Mummy likes growing things which are a little different!

    Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy

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