Eenzy Weenzy Spiders

I just learned recently that spiders are not insect. I’m sorry, but maybe I was absent or simply not listening when it was thought in school. With the countless kinds of spiders (not to mention Spiderman,) they ought to have their own group in the animal kingdom. Though I don’t specifically know what they are called, here are a few that take shelter around our place.

16 thoughts on “Eenzy Weenzy Spiders

  1. What patience it must have taken to find all of these spiders. I love the way in many photos you capture their little faces, looking right at you, as if to say, “I wonder what that guy is doing and if he can be trusted.” It’s something to capture the consciousness of a creature so different from us in many ways.

  2. As always, the Great Greths talaga!!! Congratulations on this new website, have this bookmarked so I could see more fabulous works and hoping it will jump start me into “macroing” the bugs world, lol:D Keep it up classmate:)) Have fun! Johnb

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