On the Road to Motherhood.

Come February and this friend of mine, Sarah, will bring to the world the life that has been growing inside her for eight months now. I will always be in awe with these women who choose the road to motherhood. Being a bearer of such life for nine months is undoubtedly the bravest and most appreciable thing to accomplish. And of course their destination (being a mother) is far more admirable – that is if they become one, which is another matter.

I prefer shooting with just a natural or available light. But the sun was not as bright and it was late in the afternoon when we started and what more, their window is facing east and I didn’t bring my tripod. And so, I mounted my low-light 35mm lens; the lamp beside the bed lighted the first four photos and I used a reflector to capture what was left of the sunlight from the window. After several unsatisfying shots, my friend was browsing through her laptop some ideas for a pose when I noticed the light from it emanating to her.  So the rest of the photos were lighted by my iPad.

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