Travel Theme: Bridges.

I have crossed a lot of bridges but these are the only few that I was able to capture:

This is the bridge that connects Tagbilaran and Dauis at Bohol, Philippines. Also known as the causeway, it is the bridge that leads to Panglao Beach.bridge_03

One of the most beautiful and famous bridges in the Philippines is the Quirino Bridge located at Vigan, Ilocos Sur. The bridge crosses the Abra River and it is considered as a tourist spot in the north.bridge_02 bridge_01

We just came across this bridge when we trekked Bomod-ok falls at Sagada. Obviously, it was made only for people and though it’s a bit scary we had fun crossing it back and forth.bridge

I posted this one before, from outside the Philippines… the Taipa Bridge at Macau.GRU_0794

6 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Bridges.

  1. I live about an hour or so south of the Sky way bridge and that is always amazing to cross. But it is a little nerve racking, in the early nineties a barge ran into the bridge and it crashed down. I was not there thank the Lord, but it will always be in the back of my mind when I cross. The bridge is so high the carnival cruise lines go under the bridge without it opening.

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