Travel Theme: Spooky.

Here’s my entry for this week’s travel theme: a cemetery in the mountain. This was taken at Sagada, Mountain Province here in the Philippines. This photo also appears in my previous post: Sweat It Out In Sagada. Related articles Travel … Continue reading

Sagada: Fresh Harvests For The Saturday Market.

Saturday is market day in Sagada. Early morning, crowds already filled the town center selling and buying different goods. It is during this time that the farmers from different barangays will sell their fresh harvests – mostly homegrown vegetables or … Continue reading

Sagada: The Arduous Long Walk To Bomod-ok Falls.

I love Sagada. I’ve been there three times and only during this third that I had the chance to explore some of the nicest spots there is. And I know there’s still more I have yet to see, so a … Continue reading

Sweat It Out In Sagada.

Famously known for their hanging coffins (an old traditional way of burying the dead,) Sagada is located in Mountain Province, Philippines – ergo, it is a town of numerous mountains consisting of 19 barangays. Nestled in the remote 275 km. … Continue reading