Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

Sprout means grow and symbolizes beginning… I found these two on a separate day while walking around our backyard. The first is a lima bean and the other an ‘ipil-ipil‘ or Laucaena glauca, which is very common here in the … Continue reading

Let Me Take You Down To Strawberry Farm.

I love strawberries – they are one of my favorite fruits. I ate them with salt; I dip them a bit in a salt before devouring each one of them whole. Yummy. And so when I get to the Strawberry … Continue reading

A Post For Earth Day.

Today is Earth Day. And here’s one of the Philippines‘ contributions to a greener and healthier environment: the Bangui Windmills. Located up north in Ilocos Region, these windmills consists of wind turbines that capture wind energy and transformed by electrical … Continue reading

Getting Close to Katydids.

Of all the insects I came across with, Katydids are among my favorites. Scientifically called as Tettigoniidae, I used to refer to them simply as grasshoppers – thinking they belong to that group – but thanks to the community of … Continue reading