Sagada: Fresh Harvests For The Saturday Market.

Saturday is market day in Sagada. Early morning, crowds already filled the town center selling and buying different goods. It is during this time that the farmers from different barangays will sell their fresh harvests – mostly homegrown vegetables or … Continue reading

A Ride on the “More Fun” Bandwagon.

I love my beautiful country, the Philippines. In fact, one of the reasons I put up this blog is to share to the world the finest things that the Philippines are abundant of: natural resources, diverse culture and friendly people … Continue reading

Here ’tis.

I’ve been thinking of putting this up for a long time now…

A Spanish poet.

It sometimes put me to sleep while thinking about it…

Sam, my nephew:one early morning.

Now I won’t wait ‘til reason starts to evade me and ask myself why I didn’t do what I ought to do.

Old ladies of Sagada.

The Ifugaos of Banaue.

I believe I can make it happen, so… here ‘tis.