Genoa: The Cathedral And A Basilica.

There are more than ten churches in city center of Genoa. But since I had only a short stay, I only got to visit two of them.

Just a few walks from the hotel where stayed, I found the Basilica della Santissima Annuziata del Vestato. This old church looks so ordinary and simple from the outside, but when I stepped in, I was filled with awe. It has amazing interior decorations, which was done by major baroque studios and artists in Genoa during the 17th century. Several chapels are built on both sides of the interior and each has magnificent frescoes on the altarpieces and ceilings.


The Genoa Cathedral is the most prominent church in the city. Known in Italian as Duomo di Genoa or Cattedrale di San Lorenzo because it was dedicated to St. Lawrence. It is also referred to as Metropolitan Cathedral of Saint Lawrence. This old church was founded in the 5th or 6th century, consecrated in 1118 and completed in 17th century. I didn’t see much of the inside due to some renovations being made, but just the black and white marble stripes of the exterior, with its etchings, are enough to take my breath away.


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