So This Is Bali.

Bali has long been amongst the world’s iconic vacation destinations. Though I’ve been hearing about it way before I started to travel, it never stirred any interest in me to go there. Until I read the book ‘Eat Pray Love’ by Elizabeth Gilbert and saw the movie adaptation which stars my all-time favorite actress Julia Roberts. And so when I learned that my friend who works in another country would spend some of her vacation days there, I decided to go there and meet her.

And so, this is Bali: it is filled with tourists. There are a lot of tourist spots and it seems they are crowded most of the time. Though most the sceneries I’ve visited (like the beaches) are not as awesome as what we have here in the Philippines, the rich authentic culture are what makes them unique. Their customs and beliefs are visible everywhere and it’s so admirable that most of the folks are still on their traditional wear. And although I prefer other places, I am still elated to have been there.


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