The Life of a Bum.

I got employed. For six months now. The reason I haven’t been posting for quite a long time now. And I’ve been missing a lot. Of course, I am grateful for getting a regular job once more, but I honestly miss my two-year unemployed days.

I miss waking up when the sun is up and drink my coffee as I walk around our yard.GRU_0210

Tidying up what I can inside the house before going out to sweep the fallen dry leaves around.GRU_0224GRU_0165

 I miss lying on the bed or sitting anywhere with my book at that moment.GRU_0195

 The garden on our front yard had been neglected with the profusely growing grasses all around it. I miss the fragrance of these grasses as I pick or cut them off.GRU_0657

I miss my bum life… when all my concerns are just the insects; the flowers and the dry leaves; the grasses… Opening my eyes every morning to see if the sun is shining bright… and if it’s cold and raining, get back under the covers and sleep some more.

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