Flowers From The Summer Capital.

Summer is almost over here on this side of the planet. And to cap off my summer flower series is this collection of flowers from Baguio, the summer capital of the Philippines.

While walking around I stumbled upon several wild flowers; these are a few of them that I seldom see anywhere. And as usual, I have no idea what their names are.


I’ve been to Baguio for several times already, but it was only during the last time that I got to visit it’s famous Botanical Garden. And for someone who loves flowers, this is a haven for me. I could spend the whole day just walking around this wonderful landscape with my camera and my macro lens. It is also known as the Igorot Village where you can see native huts just like the Igorot dwellings found in the Cordillera Region. But I never got the chance to see these huts because mounted on my camera was my macro lens; I just strolled leisurely and had a feast on the numerous plants and flowers that I got to see.


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