Travel Theme: The Four Elements.

Here’s putting some human element to this week’s travel theme by Ailsa:

Earth: A man and his carabao preparing the soil or mud to be used and made as a pot/ jar at Burnayan (a pottery shop) in Ilocos, Sur.GRU_0331

Water: My nephew checking out the wonderful sight under the pristine seawaters at Morong, Bataan.GRU_0154

Air: a group of trumpeters giving so much air from their body to play whole-heartedly at Kadayawan Festival in Davao City.GRU_0094

Fire: A fire-eating man giving a show on the street during the Higantes Festival at Angono, Rizal.spitfire

25 thoughts on “Travel Theme: The Four Elements.

  1. amazing capture of the fire-breathing man, Greth 🙂

    we still have to see the Higantes Festival, it had been in the plans for so long and we have not scheduled to be a part of it yet, and in the process, i hope to see the petroglyphs of Angono as well! — April

      • hi Greth, oh now i will really pack the gang and will be off to see the petroglyphs … Mary (of My Tropical Home) likewise told me that we should see it 🙂 thank you, Greth. and just to let you know that i am such a fan of your photography …

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  4. I love your “earth” interpretation, not taking the easy way with maybe a landscape. Even the man himself appears to be rooted in the earth. Lovely sequence!

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