The Flower That Was Not.

I gained consciousness seeing this flower among the many plants in my mother’s garden. There were about thirty pots of this plant that she owned – sadly, now there are only four pots that survived. She knowingly referred to it as ‘bamboo orchid’ so all those times I thought it is so. Until recently I came to know that it is totally different from the real bamboo orchid. It’s been years since my mother passed away; she died not knowing that the plant she’d been tending all those years is not the plant that she had always known. This post had been drafted for months now as I search the worldwide web for its name. And I still don’t know what this plant is called.


7 thoughts on “The Flower That Was Not.

  1. I love this post in special. I love flowers. I will search the name of this flower (in Botany, and other folk sources). I guess I see that flower in a shopping flowers…in a orchid festival gardening. Utmost, is your ‘mother’s flower’. I named some flowers of my little garden ‘flowers of my mother and father’. He also loved flowers..They love d still, somehow… Nice post. Lovely. Touched my soul. Thank you for share lovely ones.

  2. Impressive, as usual. It’s the dry season here in Guanacaste, and all the orchids are in seclusion. Guess I’ll have to live vicariously through your posts until the rainy season brings back the full flush of flowers that are my favorite subject.
    Ta-Ta for now….

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