Weekly Photo Challenge: My 2012 In Pictures.

My 2012 were heavily highlighted by musicals: two musical plays, a dream concert and meeting my musical idol. I just love the musicals; and the showing of Phantom of the Opera 25th Anniversary in the cinemas in the late month of 2011 made a big impact on my 2012. I was deeply affected by the musical after watching it three times in the movie houses that I was under its’ spell during my whole 2012. The highlight for my first month was re-watching over and over the DVD/Bluray copy that I ordered from UK (it was made available here by the end of February, I couldn’t wait so I ordered from UK.) And this obsession was validated when the Phantom’s UK Touring Company came to perform in Manila.

2013 for me have yet to begin, for my anticipation since December for the movie Les Miserablés continues until I finally see it on it’s showing date here – January 16. I am hoping that this will cap the spell that the Phantom had cast upon me.

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