Broken Wings.

Butterflies are made beautiful mostly because of their wings. And it’s heartbreaking to see them ripped. It makes me wonder what causes these wings to be torn like that. Maybe someone tried to capture them… or too much flapping. Or maybe their flying-time is about to end.

24 thoughts on “Broken Wings.

  1. Butterflies actually have territorial battles, and it might cause damage like this. I have quite a few plants that host butterfly larvae. I have seen the butterflies swirling around batting their wings against each other. It looks more like a dance than a fight.

    • I love the words “Wings of Hope”. This is the way I have always thought of the butterflies that flie aimlessly outside my window and the ones that adorn my walls in the form of art. They remind me of myself in that they can’t fly in a straight line, but they always get to where they are going each day. They have been transformed from from a caterpillar into a beautiful creature who makes people smile~~and this is what I have had happen to me through my Faith in God and Trust in Him the many times He has transformed me, even after kidney failure and living on
      dialysis. Each time I see a butterfly, my hope is renewed.

      • Dear!! your comment bring me joy and hope…and a smile…support my trust in God and in human goodness. I wish you all the best. Stay close. You make me smile today!…I hope in further days too. Sincerely, Walter

      • You brought me great joy and hope, also today. I am thankful for your trust in God and in human goodness, These two things that are so dear to my heart, And that smile…, what a wonderful gift you gave me because a great big smile is on my face after reading your post. I want to wish you a Very Blessed Christmas. I pray for you and your wellbeing and am glad to call you Friend.

      • Dear! you gave me also another gift…true gift…your presence and our friendship! I am so glad to call you friend, dear friend too. Regards for your pray. Friendship is love blossom. Love blinking, always. From the deep of my heart I wish you a happy Christmas. I also pray for you and your wellbeing. This is the first Christmas without my mother. Stay close to me. Lovely, Walter

      • I love the way you say things, Walter. I know this Christmas will be hard without your Mother, but hold close the memories of her to your heart during the season and they will warm you. I lost my father in April almost 5 years ago and this is how I have dealt with his absence from my life. I also wish you a Blessed Christmas, Walter, from the bottom of my heart. May God’s rich blessings fall upon you every day. We are close. Our friendship is love in blossom for real and that makes me happy.

      • So Dear! We are close. This is a gift. Your presence. Your warm words. I can listen your heart. Your words and love are a hearth for my heart. And you are an inspiration for me. Together we can fly in the winds of joy. Walter

      • Oh my, Walter. You say things in such a wonderful way. You need to write a book, if you haven’t already. I would be the first to get a copy for myself,

        Have a wonderful day. I am off to take a nap and rest my back for awhile. You are the inspiration for me. And I shall sleep well upon the words I have just put into my thoughts. Later.

      • so so Dear! receive a warm embrace. We already fly together through life. Later I tell you about my first book, a romance fiction, published on 2001, two years after the death of my father. It’s written in portughese. I can translate it for you in handwriting.You are a so lovely woman. You help me so much to stand close to love and joy in despite of all. Have a wonderful life! Sincerely, Walter

      • Your words are like nectar sliding ever so slowly down the leaves of a beautiful flower, I just knew you had to be an author, and a romantic one at that. I would be delighted to read your Romance Novel at some point. I am so sure I would never be able to close the pages until the book was finished, and then be tearful.
        As promised, I will be thinking of you over the next few days. I pray for you every day and ask God to pour abundant blessings all over you during this particular Christmas. He will hold you close in His arms as you listen to His gentle heartbeat pumping strength and peace into your aching being. No worries, Walter. He is always with us no matter what is happening in our lives. I do know that for a fact, for He tells us that in the Bible and He has been with me during every rocky path I have found myself upon. Please take perfect care care that you remember that. I am so glad to have your special friendship as the New Year is rushing towards us so rapidly.
        Indeed, we shall fly through the air in the days to come, exploring this new friendship blooming and spreading it’s joy.

      • Dear, so Dear!…I receive your pray with great joy. I stay close to love. Always. I miss my mother, but I sense she is always with me and I with her, with my father too. And my family…friends are also my family.Tonight is a wonderful night. A night of birth. Every night may be a brand new world. The work of trust, love and joy. I always choose joy. And I try to build every day and night as a lovely day and a lovely night. All the best! Walter

      • I send you a reply to this, but sadly found it on another page. I hope you got a copy, but it doesn’t seem to be the case because there is no error. I hope Christmas was as wonderful as mine was and now we look forward to New Years dreams and maybe a few resolutions if so inclined. I hope to have you as a special friend through the year if God is willing.

      • I am so glad, Walter. I want to wish you a Happy New Year today. My only resolution is to thank God each moment He gives me to live on dialysis, and be grateful for such friends as you are. My prayers are always with you.

      • what a great joy that a two lovely people have stumbled upon a wonderful friendship in here. you’re both an inspiration and i hope friendships will continue to grow… i hope you two are having a fabulous holiday!

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