Four Days Of Sunset In Bali.

It seems every one just love the view of the sun going down. I, for one, have been an avid fan of sunrise and sunset – they’re simply spectacular and glorious. Watching the sunset in Bali, Indonesia seems to be a part of an everyday life. And since I was there for the whole one week, I got to see it in four different days and in three different places.

KUTA BEACH – Being the center of all the activities in Bali and famously known as the number one sunset site, it is the most crowded place to watch the sunset. With its long shoreline, I was awed to find the whole beach filled with people – most of them tourists, like me – and a whole lot of vendors. Since my hotel is located near this place, I got to see the sunset here twice.

SEMINYAK BEACH – This is the area where luxurious resorts and fine restaurants and boutiques are located. So the beach offers a more secluded ambiance where you could quietly see the sun go down bit by bit as it vanish in the horizon. There are only a few people who view the sunset here and I’ve seen only two vendors. In fact, there was one lady running around and trying to fly a kite, thinking she have the beach all by herself.

TANAH LOTTanah Lot is also a favorite site to watch the sunset. The Tanah Lot Temple is also known as the temple floating on the sea; because in the morning during high-tide, the little island which houses the temple seem to be floating on the sea. So, I guess, it’s also good to see this place when the sun way up there in the sky.


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