Night-Flying Moth.

It was late in the afternoon when I found this moth, so I assumed it is a night-flying moth and belongs to the Noctuidae family. It’s more or less three centimeters in length and the body is in yellow-orange color with small black spots that protruded it’s bluish eyes. And it’s fascinating how the brown wings seem to come out of its’ wooly yellow body.

17 thoughts on “Night-Flying Moth.

  1. these photos of night-flying moths are narrative itself and remember my childhood when on summer nights my father and mother show me one. Thanks for share.

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  3. This month has beautiful markings as do all of God’s creatures. I was wondering if you know the name of this either it’s the scientific name for what we would call in layman’s terms? Thanks for sharing great photos

    • The pleasure is mine, thank you too. But i’m sorry, i don’t exactly know what’s the name of this particular moth. It’s a pure assumption to categorize it to the night-flying moths because i found it early in the evening. Thanks again!

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