Petally Dead.

This idea rooted from Lightstalking community where there’s this one topic called ‘The Dead Petal Society’ – wherein they post pictures of dried flowers. But I was mostly inspired by the late filmmaker/writer Nora Ephron to come up with this post. In her book “I Remember Nothing” – she made a list of the thing she will and will not miss (when she herself is dead, I assume… which is… now.) Dead flower is among the things she will not miss. And this got me thinking… who would miss a dead flower? I certainly will not – they’re supposed to be thrown away. I wonder if there are still ladies out there who insert flowers between the pages of their book or notebook to preserve the memory of what that particular flower is all about, especially if it was given by someone close to their heart.


5 thoughts on “Petally Dead.

  1. You are such an imaginative, whimsical person. Who else would find the beauty and fascination in dead petals? It’s also significant that once they die, most lose their scent. I have a plumaria in my garden in CA that has not bloomed in ten years. For some reason, this year it has six clusters of flowers and buds that just keep on going. When the flowers open, they smell like heaven, but when a perfect waxy plumaria falls from the plant, they smell like nothing.

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