Alas! An Atlas.

It gives me such pleasure whenever a nephew of mine excitedly run to me and report that they have found an insect. I’d like to think that somehow I have influenced them to appreciate and love this kind of species, which is among the wonderful gifts of nature. And this is what he found in our backyard last weekend, an Atlas Moth.

The Atlas Moth or Attacus Atlas is considered to be the largest moth in the world with a wingspan that could reach to 25 centimeters. It was called as such because the patterns on its’ wings resemble maps. It’s sad to think that this moth only live for about two weeks. They don’t even have a mouth to feed and just live off the fats reserved during its’ caterpillar stage. They just quickly mate, lay eggs and die shortly after.

6 thoughts on “Alas! An Atlas.

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