Day-Flying Moth.

Here’s another day-flying moth I found the other day. Judging by the look of it’s back I’m guessing this one belongs to the Arctiidae family of genus Ctenucha. I’m using scientific names here so it would seem I know what I’m saying… when in fact I don’t. Though I wish I could, but it is so hard to recognize the specificity of these creatures!

6 thoughts on “Day-Flying Moth.

  1. This moth is *so* beautiful!! I have just been staring at it. What amazing irredescence. Imagine if we had colours like that on our skin. It’s so beautiful. It’s like amazing irredescent make-up. I easily get lost staring at beautiful colours, especially shiny ones! 🙂 These photos make me feel even more pity for blind people. How lucky we are to able to see this beauty. Thank you for sharing it with us! 🙂
    Love from Rach.

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