Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong.

This shot was taken while riding a bus in Metro Manila a few months back – a man sleeping on the street. There are probably homeless people who are living in the streets in every corner of every country. And though it is wrong, it is part of a society.

9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong.

  1. photo can record realities…I’ve written about this scene…this is a challenge, the reality on this photo. Important post. Walter

  2. Yes, it is wrong that others have barely a clothing and food for the day, no shelter, victims of calamities and greed while others live in excess and comfort. I pray that one day, everyone will have the same rights to enjoy the basic needs of life.

  3. When I see this, as so many people in Manila and even here in Melbourne, I wonder what are their stories? Would their mothers be sad to see them like this? Will they be safe tonight? I feel so sad for them. I want to feed them all and give them fresh clothes and shoes and a shower and a comfortable bed. It’s just so very sad. This is a powerful photo.

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