Three Butterflies And The Golden Drewdrop.

The Golden Drewdrop or the Duranta Erecta, also known as Skyflower and Pigeon Berry: I remember planting this over twenty years ago, and now this plant is more than ten feet high. It is such a delight seeing this plant everyday with more than ten kinds of butterflies hovering around it – plus several moths and skippers, bees, bugs, and flies… just to be precise with what my eyes have seen.

For hundreds of unsuccessful times I’ve been clicking away with my camera trying to capture them. But, fortunately, these three butterflies give in to my heart’s desire and took a moment to be still to strike a pose for me.

It’s so wonderful to have butterflies flying around the backyard; I think they complete one’s garden. There was a time when not one butterfly can be seen and my aunt and me used to wonder why – so I am more than pleased to have them back. Base on what they look like and comparing it to my references (from Audubon Guides,) these are Monarch Butterfly, a Common Buckeye and Atlantis Fritillary, respectively. But I’m really not so sure… do correct me if I’m wrong.

11 thoughts on “Three Butterflies And The Golden Drewdrop.

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