Sagada: Fresh Harvests For The Saturday Market.

Saturday is market day in Sagada. Early morning, crowds already filled the town center selling and buying different goods. It is during this time that the farmers from different barangays will sell their fresh harvests โ€“ mostly homegrown vegetables or those freshly picked in their own farm. Most of the vegetables being sold all over the Philippines, particularly in Metro Manila, came from this region.

13 thoughts on “Sagada: Fresh Harvests For The Saturday Market.

  1. ohhhhhh, missing home!!! These are beautiful photos! What i would do right now for a few of those green mangoes! lol!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Massarup!! Love from Rach.

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  3. i realy wish to go in sagada cordillera but i dont have any idea where is the good place to stay….i am going to check first and planning for the expences nice place….

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