The Fallen Leaves.

Since ours is a place filled different trees and plants, I grew up watching my mother and my aunt sweeping the whole yard off with dried leaves almost everyday. And now that they’re both gone, the task was left to me. It’s not that I’m complaining – sweeping is a favorite chore of mine – these fallen dry leaves are the first ones to greet me every time I get out of the house in morning. And instead of wanting to experience autumn in another land, I am gratified with these fallen leaves that make my everyday the season of fall.

18 thoughts on “The Fallen Leaves.

  1. Maganda!! Such beauty each leaf holds. 🙂 Are many of those coffee tree leaves? And star apple, and mango, and..? I love your posts so much! Looking forward to many more! 🙂 Love from Rach

    • thanks! that’s filipino word, lovely. 🙂 no coffee leaves here… but you’re right with the two you named. plus, jackfruit, papaya, guava, chico, ylang-ylang, mahogany, banaba, santol, sampaguita, hibiscus, atis and 3-4 plants and trees that i don’t know the name. 😀

  2. Like the photographer who made a muffler dump look strangely beautiful, you’ve transformed the leaf litter at the bottom of your garden into things of beauty, in an elegantly designed and colourful post! I must say the gardener in me was looking out for disease (just in case those leaves should be segregated from the compost pile) but because of the clarity of your shots I quickly found a place on the ground to be closer to these papery remnants of your trees’ power plants. I had a lovely time, thanks:)

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