Inside The Morning Dew.

I was trying to capture a bee buzzing around some wild flowers one morning when I spotted these two tiny dews.  They’re just about a millimeter in size and splendidly enough, I had my 105mm macro lens that moment. Amazing how a bunch of grasses could fit in that miniscule crystal-dot of water… so delightful to have captured it just before the heat of the sun sucked it up.

15 thoughts on “Inside The Morning Dew.

  1. Absolutely stunning! I love the last shot! I used to have a nice macro lens for my 35mm outfit but sold it years ago. Now that I have the digital the best I can do is .31x magnification. I used to turn my prime lens around (28mm and 50mm) and hold it against the camera body to get really good macro shots. That won’t work with all of the electronics these days.

    • Thank you! I’ve got a 35mm lens, I thought of turning it around for macro shots but I don’t know how. Good thing I am so blessed that I was able to afford a 105mm macro. God is good. Thanks again! 😉

  2. Thank you for these priceless photographs! When my mom was in the hospital before she passed away, I saw a dewdrop glistening in the grass and it reminded me that life is exquisitely beautiful, even in the dark times. Thank you!

  3. These pictures are worth a thousand words of wisdom.
    Pity, I have no wisdom, so instead, I am inspired.
    Thank you
    Paule Morbois

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    • thank you, that’s so nice of you to say. i’m not sure i’m apt to give lessons, though. just ask away if you questions… let’s see if i can answer them. thanks again! 🙂

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