Life: A Metamorphosis.

Metamorphosis: A transformation or a transition… a cycle or a phase. A change. All these tantamount to one absolute matter that is called life. Everyday, everything in this world is changing. And amidst at these one needs to look hard inside oneself to find that thing that remains unchanged. And only then can one spread one’s wings fully and naturally, and fly freely – just like a butterfly.

11 thoughts on “Life: A Metamorphosis.

  1. Nature keeps us grounded and aware that we are more than the sum of our parts within our human-made society. Thanks for these lovely photos, the flowers are all amazing.

    • That’s nice, thank you. I’m a graphic designer by profession… maybe with your next book? 😉
      Congrats on your book, will definitely check it out. Thanks for the nomination… so much! 🙂

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