Unspoiled By The Modern Times.

In this fast-paced modern times – where one could easily drown with the rapid flow of modern technology – it is such a delight and very humbling to see people at work with their bare hands in the traditional way. Skilled workers who remain unspoiled and untarnished by the modern world.

4 thoughts on “Unspoiled By The Modern Times.

  1. The reason why I chose nature as a subject is because I thought people through their faces are the hardest to capture. Seeing these photos made me reconsider that. You gave me plenty of ideas like what angle to capture. I should do this very soon. Thanks, Greths!

    • Glad that, somehow, I have inspired you – the pleasure is mine. 🙂 Just shoot anything to your heart’s content, with the convenience of photography nowadays you got nothing to lose. Thank you too, Sony! 😉

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