Unexpected Favorites

Sometimes, capturing an awesome photo needs no planning – I think some of the great shots were taken just by being at the right moment, at the right angle and with the right lens. And with the full convenience of photography today, everyone who’s into photography has the opportunity to capture an amazing shot.

Here are a few of the shots I made which I never thought would fall in the list of my favorites. Shots that I just clicked away thinking that I could easily trash them away anyway.

  •  It was around 5 in the afternoon in my hotel at Kuala Lumpur when it seemed a heavy downpour is threatening. I was trying to capture a lightning in this shot, this is just one of the several shots I made during that moment. I like how the effect of setting sun gives color to the whole image and the thick dark clouds trying to hide the Petronas Tower. It gives me the Gotham-like city feel.

  •  I was in someone else’s garden, there were several flowers that were new to my sight so, naturally, they needed to be photographed by me. This particular yellow flower was so ordinary for me and even the moth on top of it didn’t gave me the appeal since I was shooting with my zoom lens and not the macro. After some times of passing them, shrugging, I just decided to take this one shot.

  • This is Sagada, a town in Mountain Province, Philippines. We were just standing at the side of the road after a long trek and my companions were deciding to go back to the inn or find that lemon pie house. While waiting for them I just took this shot from where we are standing and when I viewed it on my computer I noticed the similar pattern that the clouds, the pine trees, the sunlight and the foreground bushes made, and I just fell in love with it.

  • The morning of our trip in a beach at Sariaya, Quezon, I was up as early as 5 o’clock hoping to capture a fabulous sunrise. The clouds were so thick as daylight emerged, only a speck of sunlight tried to greet me that morning. So I just took a shot of whatever was around me expecting some dull photos, given the dull and gloomy morning light.

  • Several groups were already there when we reached Mt. Polis, the highest point in Mt. Province. There were like 30 to 40 tourists, including my group, in that spot and each one trying to take their photo with the statue. I wanted to capture the whole statue, so I was waiting for everyone to finish. When I thought I had the chance and was about to click, somebody popped in my view. I shifted my camera upward, adjusted the zoom closer and here’s what I got.

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