Life: A Changing Hopper.

Countless of times it has been said, and many are still verbalizing it: the only thing constant in this world is change. Truly, life is a permanent change – in good ways and bad, depending on how one looks at it. Some changes can be so hard to deal with; why can’t it be as simple as a grasshopper changing its’ skin? Like changing a day-to-day clothes… no attachments, less emotions.


8 thoughts on “Life: A Changing Hopper.

  1. What beautiful images! The hopper seems a bit surprised or overwhelmed to be crawling out of its skin, but it looks so huge next to the old skin that I’ll bet it feels like a great relief. I love how you capture the actual expressions on the faces of the insects. Sometimes it makes me shiver to see how alive and conscious everything is. I have a dynasty of hoppers who have lived on a huge rosebush on my patio for many years. There is always one big green hopper. He or she likes to sit on the large fragrant red roses.

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