1Q84: Weight Does Matter.

Last Saturday morning, before getting up out of the bed, I opened my copy of 1Q84 who’s been sleeping with me for the past couple of months. Bookmarked to Book Two: Chapter 3.

It was mid November last year when I started reading Haruki Murakami’s latest novel 1Q84 and now, I’m not even halfway through with it. To think that I was so excited I bought a copy as soon as it was made available at the bookstores. It is one heavy book to read – oh, I meant that literally. A two-inch, hardbound book is one that you would certainly put down while reading. I usually read lying in bed before sleeping – with this one, I would be really pleased with my self if I finished one whole chapter in a night. Weight definitely does matter. I guess we each find contentment by just sleeping together.

But as of this day, Tuesday – I’m at Chapter 7 of Book Two. That’s four chapters since last Saturday; which, I think, is a total improvement and which means the story is getting more exciting.

3 thoughts on “1Q84: Weight Does Matter.

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