Getting Close to Katydids.

Of all the insects I came across with, Katydids are among my favorites. Scientifically called as Tettigoniidae, I used to refer to them simply as grasshoppers – thinking they belong to that group – but thanks to the community of Lightstalking, I was informed of it’s specific name. Apparently it is with the family of crickets that they are more closely connected; hence, the English call them bush-crickets.

What I love about them: they are so easy to shoot; they move so slow and delicately showing off their slender hopping legs; they often keep still once they feel your presence and though they won’t cast even a slight delight on their expression, the fierce look of contempt, irritation and bewilderment is there… seriously.

They are so slow that, oftentimes, this makes them an easy prey to other insects and spiders.


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